Omnivore - One Midtown Kitchen hosts Partida Tequila dinner

Next Tuesday, One Midtown Kitchen will host a 4-course dinner paired with cocktails made from Partida Tequila, an ultra-premium brand now available in Atlanta. From the press release:

Partida Tequila, a super-premium Tequila brand from Mexico’s leading producer of blue agave—the plant from which Tequila is made—has partnered with ONE.midtown kitchen to present a delicious, four-course pairing menu on Tuesday, March 25, 2008 from 7pm-9pm. Tequila aficionados will have the opportunity to indulge in authentic estate-grown premium Tequila, made from 100% blue agave in the heart of Mexico’s historic Tequila region and Chef Tom Harvey's Seasonal, high energy American cuisine. The $75.00 menu will feature signature dishes like Masa Griddle Cakes with Jicama and Pomegranate Seeds and Jerk Spiced Duck Breast paired with cocktails developed by world-renown Partida Tequila mixologists Jacques Bezuidenhout, Dale De Groff, Junior Merino, and many more. Diners can quickly and easily secure reservations at Open Table.

I've had Partida and it is quite delicious. Not sure if I want my tequila drinking to move into the subdued, tasting menu format, but I'm willing to be convinced.

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