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Mr. Steakhead accepted my challenge to compare the brisket at Rolling Bones and Fox Bros. B-B-Q. I was sure that if he did this, he would find the former's superior. It is usually moist and delectably tangy. Steakhead reports the results on his Atlanta Eats blog here. Of course, he found Fox Bros.' better. He writes:

Fox Bros.' brisket may be served dry (without sauce), but the meat is moist and tender. The flavor is much smokier than RB. Nick, my partner in crime for this all day fiesta, raves about the sides at Fox Brothers, and he is right. The baked beans here put to shame the pintos offered at RB. Fox Brothers also offers a bigger selection, including brunswick stew. So, in the end, it really wasn't that close. Fox Brothers won on all three areas I was judging- brisket, sides, atmosphere.

Alright. I agree that Fox Bros. has the better atmosphere. I don't like eating-in at Rolling Bones. I also agree with his assessment of the side dishes. But I have yet to taste "moist and tender" brisket at Fox Bros.

Mr. Steakhead reports that following his St. Patrick's Day progressive dinner, he went to Limerick Junction where he drank "several (maybe more) pints." Following his colossal bender of barbecue and beer, he stumbled in the parking lot and injured his knee. Granted, this followed his taste tests, but can we be sure of his sobriety prior to eating?...

Dua, a Vietnamese restaurant has opened downtown at 53 Broad Street, according to Mr. Micropundit's March 24 post on E Gullet. He also reports that Dish, which closed a few months back, will be home to a new project called Diesel. (Original plans for Dish to continue under the ownership of a former chef fell through.)...

Matt, who writes the incomparably hip Rowdy Food blog, has fallen in love with Corner Pizza. He sings:

The crust is better. It is evolving. It is slowly becoming a more uniformly thin pie. The crispy bottom is consistent. Then the bite, when the tooth penetrates the crispy crust and enters an immediate zone of chew. Now we can look at cheese and sauce. This most recent pie had a much better ratio of cheese to sauce to crust. At this rate, we may catch New York?

Matt apparently shares my preference for thin-crusted pizza. Read his entire review here. It includes a link to his You Tube video about the place.

Matt also has a post with some gossip, including this welcome news about Pura Vida:

Hector Santiago will apparently be opening up a new restaurant downstairs from his current restaurant Pura Vida. When Pura Vida gets full, they have occasionally used this space for over-flow dining. In the next month or so, this space will become an small upscale restaurant with a chef’s table. Sounds pretty cool.

We reported this six months or more ago. I hope it's actually gonna happen now. Read the rest of Matt's gossip and see some photos of the much anticipated Holeman & Finch here....

Cathy of Live to Nibble reports on a visit to Cypress Street Pint and Plate, which has replaced Toast. Read her comments here.

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