Omnivore - Is all that water you drink really helpful?

Are you one of those people who carries bottled water everywhere you go? Do you think it hydrates your skin and detoxifies your body? You're wasting your money, according to scientists interviewed on NPR's "All Things Considered" this morning. Among the myths exposed:

Myth No. 4: Drinking Extra Water Leads to Weight Loss

A more accurate statement may be: Drinking water is a helpful tool for dieters.

"Water is a great strategy for dieters because it has no calories," says Madeline Fernstrom of the University of Pittsburgh. "So you can keep your mouth busy without food and get the sense of satisfaction."

But water is not magical, she adds. Other zero-calorie options such as diet sodas are fine, too.

Read the other four myths about water consumption or listen to the report here.

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