Omnivore - From Baby Jane's kitchen?

Remember that scene in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? when Bette Davis (as Baby Jane) prepares Joan Crawford (as Blanche) a big roasted rat for dinner?

It came to mind Sunday while dining at Six Feet Under, which gets this week's award for the oddest name for an appetizer — "spicy rat toes" (above). We dined at the Memorial Drive location of the restaurant Sunday night and I ate three of these before digging into my usual shrimp and grits (right).

The rat toes are jalapeños stuffed with a whole shrimp and wrapped in bacon. They're served with a side of ranch dressing, which I totally don't get. They were tasty enough without salad dressing.

The shrimp and grits were a bit watery but still yummy. They were garnished with some super-fresh asparagus stalks and lots of crispy fried onions.

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