Omnivore - Puffin Muffin cookbook found

Othe Kendrick wrote this in response to a Dec. 19 post: “In the early ’90s, there existed a stand in the food court of Greenbriar Mall named Puffin Muffin. They were known for stuffed/filled cornbread muffins, particularly the signature concoction filled with collard greens and country ham. Does anyone know what happened to the cook or, more importantly, the recipes?”

Today, Othe writes: "I found the recipes. Meals in a Muffin, by Beverly Worrell and Alice Chapin, was published 1995. It is out of print, but copies can be found on amazon.com for under $10. And the Muffin de Soul is in there."

Those things were delicious. Somebody needs to start retailing them again.

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