Omnivore - What's up at the Lamplighter?


I received the email below from the Grant Park Neighborhood Association recently. The "sandwich signs" the writer mentions are the free-standing signs the Lamplighter has placed at several intersections to direct traffic to its rather hidden location.

The Lamplighter Cafe (280 Connally St., 404-835-7167) is still open! I spoke with owner Erick Newman this past Saturday, and he says after the city made him take down his sandwich signs, his business is off 70 percent. Let's support this neighborhood business as much as possible until we can get his signs reinstated!

For those of you who don't know, The Lamplighter Cafe is one of Atlanta's newest editions to the independent cafe scene. Nestled into the Memorial Drive corridor between Historic Grant Park, Cabbagetown and downtown, the Lamplighter Cafe offers contemporary cuisine with a variety of coffee drinks, wine, liquors and locally made pastries and desserts.

Since receiving this, I've been by the restaurant twice and found it closed, with no explanation on the door. Nor have I been able to get an answer when I call.


On my way out to dinner Friday night, I noticed the Lamplighter was open, which is good to know. I guess the place has a, um,  erratic schedule.

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