Omnivore - Guest blogger: Forget New York

I'll take Atlanta

By Jessica Goldbogen Harlan

When I told my friends that, after a decade in New York City, I was moving to Atlanta, they were aghast. "But won't you miss the bagels and pizza?" they asked.

I just marked my two-year anniversary of living here in Atlanta, and I'm happy to report that I miss neither. In fact, there is very little, food-wise, that I do miss from my previous home.

Tasty, cheap ethnic food that my husband and I would eat while waiting for Friday's paycheck? Now we just take a trip to have awesome pho on Buford Highway (incidentally, my favorite, Pho Hua, has a location in Flushing, NY, though I've never been).

A see-and-be-seen hotspot where my girlfriends and I could down large quantities of great wine, accompanied by tapas-style plates of all varieties? When the girls come to visit, I book a table at Rathbun's. They're always especially impressed by those $3 desserts, which we usually order way too many of.

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