Omnivore - Dogs in restaurants

Jim writes to ask:

Some friends and I had a few questions about the propriety of allowing non-service dogs in restaurants. We thought you and the readers might be able to offer some insight.

1) Are there any laws/health code regulations governing this? I am presuming animals are not allowed in food prep areas, but what about indoors?

2) If there are, is it more permissible to allow dogs on a patio vs. inside a restaurant?

I asked our news writer Scott Henry to look into it, and he came up with this from Fulton County:

Fulton Co. Code Sec. 34-160


Live animals, including birds and turtles, shall be excluded from within the food service operational premises and  from adjacent areas under the control of the permit holder. This exclusion does not apply to edible fish,  crustacean, shellfish or the fish in aquariums. Patrol dogs accompanying security or police officers, or guide  dogs accompanying blind persons, shall be permitted in dining areas.

So, no – under Fulton County’s health code, most dogs are not allowed in restaurants, or on the patios adjacent to the restaurant. But they can hang out in bars all day!

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