Grazing: First Look: Truva

Turkish with a side of belly dancing downtown

"What can I say? I love it so much. Hmmm? What can I say about kazan dibi?"

The server at one of the three tables occupied at Truva (60 Andrew Young International Blvd., 404-577-8788) was waxing ecstatically about the flanlike, caramelized custard on the restaurant's dessert menu.

"Kazan dibi is creamy. ... It's like crème brulee without the topping," he went on. "All I can tell you is that it brings on a state of bliss when I eat it."

The rather dour couple of retirees looked at one another and, sharply, ordered something else – the rice pudding, I believe. I vowed to order the kazan dibi later, but I didn't realize an even sweeter course awaited us, too. But more about that later.

Truva advertises itself as a Mediterranean restaurant with an accent on Turkish food. Indeed, it takes its name from the Turkish word for Turkey. Most of the menu will be familiar to anyone who has eaten in Middle Eastern restaurants. What may seem unfamiliar – warning! – is the entrée prices. You probably could get away spending less than $20 on a few small plates here, but if you order a starter and an entrée, like the $26 lamb shank, your bill's going to go way up, especially if you order from the pricey wine list.

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(Photo by James Camp)