Omnivore - Lunch at Miller Union

A look at the new lunch offerings at the Westside restaurant

I stopped in at Miller Union on Wednesday - the restaurant opened for lunch last week and was doing a brisk business, with many patrons taking advantage of the beautiful weather on the patio.

The lunch menu consists of a couple of appetizers from the dinner menu, six sandwiches, four entrees, and a selection of sides.

I sampled a fantastic oyster po boy - big juicy oysters, soft bread, shaved lettuce, just the right touch of remoulade. My dining companion had the pork sandwich, which was cold roast pork with arugula and red onion jam. It had the feel of a leftover sandwich, in all the right ways - that sandwich you make for yourself out of the refrigerator the day after you've roasted a hunk of meat.

We also had the fries and housemade ketchup, which was so complex it had me guessing at what was in it. More sweet tomato flavor and a wild assortment of spices than any other I've had. The fries were medium heft, fantastically crisped and not too oily.

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