Omnivore - Get your Greek pizza at Sweet Auburn Curb Market

A new booth featuring gyro and pizza opens

I stopped by The Greek Gyros and Pizza (404-254-2899) at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market for a slice on Monday. The new food booth is owned by Johnny Gianoulidis, from a family of Greek pizza makers.

Aside from the (optional) use of classic Greek ingredients like feta cheese and kalamata olives, Greek pizzas are made in a pan. That means they are considerably thicker than the currently favored Neopolitan pies from Antico Pizza and Fritti.

I ordered a single slice with feta and sundried tomatoes and, believe me, that was enough for one meal. The feta was piled atop the standard white cheddar and tomato sauce. It was chewy, gooey, crispy and crunchy. I have always preferred thin pies myself, but I'd definitely return for more of this.

I also ordered galaktobouriko — phyllo wrapping a dense custard. I took it with me and ate it an hour later. Addictive.

(Photos by Cliff Bostock)

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