Omnivore - Young Augustine's debuts spring menu

Come and get your carnitas and kimchi tacos

There's not much that isn't getting topped with a fried egg these days. This specimen is a starter at Young Augustine's (formerly The Standard). It may seem like gilding the lily, but it's not nearly as calorific as the hollandaise that every restaurant seemed to serve over asparagus when I was a kid.

It's part of the Grant Park pub's new spring menu. I also ordered  Korean-Mexican tacos filled with kimchi and carnitas, The restaurant is using gigantic flour tortillas so thick I thought they were pita bread until the server assured me they were not.  They were stiff and completely overwhelmed the filling of savory carnitas and mild kimchi. A normal tortilla would improve them, even if the quantity of filling had to be reduced.

Wayne ordered the decent hanger steak, a menu holdover served with duck fries and salad.

(Photo by Cliff Bostock)