Omnivore - Atlanta Beer Week tests the waters for craft beer enthusiasm

The first ever Atlanta Beer Week, May 16-22, hopes to bring beer geekdom to a new level.

The success of Philly Beer Week, a 7-10 day string of events at beer venues all over the city in 2008, led New York to try a similar event the same year. Still more cities and states have added their own versions over the last 2 years. San Francisco's 2009 Beer Week set the bar high for such events, attracting beer enthusiasts from all over the country to sample special one-off brews, learn from beer writers and other experts, shake hands with and talk to brewers, attend beer dinners at the city's best restaurants, and meet other beer geeks to discuss specific gravity and hopping schedules.

The first ever Atlanta Beer Week, May 16-22, hopes to bring a similar level of excitement to what is becoming a great lineup, with up to a dozen events planned for each night at the city's brewpubs, breweries, beer bars and restaurants. Participating venues include the 5 Seasons Breweries, Max Lager's, Park Tavern, Hop City Beer and Wine, Green's Beverage stores, The Porter Beer Bar, Taco Mac, the Brick Store Pub, Marlay House, Abattoir, and Muss & Turner's.