Omnivore - Reimagining Roswell: A preamble to this week's review

Downtown Roswell is applause-worthy

Here’s a scene from my initial visit to Inc. Street Food in downtown Roswell: I drive slowly up the street, looking for a parking place. I notice sidewalks filled with happy-looking people dining al-fresco and meandering between the stores. Roswell is bumpin! I spot a parking space on the street, pull up to parallel park, and put my blinker on. A woman in a huge white SUV talking on her cell phone pulls up behind me and lays on the horn. I motion to her to go around, pointing to the parking space I intend to fill. She shakes her head and honks some more. People are staring.

Poor thing. She doesn’t realize I’m from Atlanta.

I put the car in reverse, put my foot on the gas, slam on the brakes about an inch from her bumper, roll down my window, stick my head out and say, “Go around. I’m parking.”  Cars behind her are going around us. Finally, she pulls out and up beside me, rolling down her passenger window to yell something, but I back into the space without paying attention.

When I get out of the car, all those people sitting outside of restaurants on both sides of the street erupt into applause.

I fall instantly in love with Roswell.

Roswell is so different from the last time I visited, and it's partly the doing of two restaurants, Salt Factory and Inc. Street Food. Read my double review here.

(Photo by James Camp)