Omnivore - Frivolous lawsuit much?

Subway claims it owns the word "footlong"

Oy. The Consumerist reports that Subway is on the warpath:

Subway has been sending legal letters to sandwich places informing them that Subway "has applied for the trademark FOOTLONG (TM) in association with sandwiches," and instructing them to stop calling their sandwiches "footlongs" or else.

Things haven't had a stellar start:

The next step is for the trademark office to weigh Subway's argument and decide if the word "footlong" is really something Subway can trademark.

It seems that they may be off to a somewhat rocky start — the restaurant that got the letter and told the media doesn't even sell "footlong" sandwiches they sell "footlong" hot dogs and have done so for over 40 years. Subway says the hot dog place received the letter in error.

TampaBay.com has an interview with the offending hot dog vendor.