Omnivore - Paula Deen discloses shocking personal stat


Paula Deen, in an interview with Pop Eater:

I'm a firm believer that Southern cooking is not nearly as bad for you as people want to make it out to be. I would put my money up that we eat more vegetables than any region in the country. Y'all know that even if its got some ham hock in it, those vegetables are very good for your body. We don't, regardless of what people think, eat fried chicken at every meal. It's about moderation, it's all about moderation and then it's genetic.

My cholesterol is 137, so that ain't bad. You have to be responsible for yourself. You have to know your numbers and take care of your own dietary needs. No one can do that for ya. It's important that each person be familiar with their numbers, talk to their doctor and eat accordingly.

Of course, this prompts the (unasked) follow-up question: "Do you take a statin drug?"