Omnivore - Sampling the Sound Table

New "street-food" restaurant is from the owners of Top Flr

The Sound Table, the new restaurant-club from the Top Flr folks, has opened at the corner of Edgewood and Boulevard in the Old Fourth Ward. It's strictly dining upstairs while there's a DJ booth and a bar downstairs, where you can also dine while listening to some amazing music.

We had a mainly good meal of dishes meant to be shared, including this pair of chorizo burgers (above). I hesitate to call them sliders, because they were fatter than the usual.

Among other dishes we tried was a lamb pot pie in an iron pot topped with this oddly draped pastry dusted with cinnamon (right).

The new restaurant calls its menu "street food." I'm not exactly getting that, but I like that a variety of cultures is represented. The look here, by the way, is all about natural wood but it's sleek and sophisticated.

Look for more in "Grazing" later this week.

(Photos by Cliff Bostock)