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Spicy chicken comes to Chick-Fil-A

Have you heard? Chick-Fil-A is introducing its first new sandwich in 20 years on June 7. It's the Spicy Chicken Sandwich and its flavor is very thermostatic, according to a company spokesman:

"One of the delicate aspects of developing this recipe was finding the right spice level to suit the majority of our customers. While we believe we found the happy medium as far as the 'kick level' is concerned, there are ways to cool down or even heat up the sandwich. Adding ranch dressing or lettuce and tomato help lower the temperature, but we also offer Pepper Jack cheese or Buffalo sauce for those who can't get enough spicy flavor."

If you can't wait until June 7 and want a freebie, you can reserve one on the Get Spicy Chicken website. The freebies will be available May 31 to June 5.