Omnivore - Tuesday food links

Food-related news stories from around the interwebs

Butter queen Paula Deen to oversee culinary program for children: First of all, there's a school called the Paula Deen Academy of Culinary Arts? (It's in Savannah. Who knew?) They've called on the school's namesake to help shape the curriculum, which also follows state and American Culinary Federation standards. Perhaps we'll see a new batch of young chefs who simply add two sticks of butter to every recipe.

BP cake looks delicious: Exactly what it says on the tin. In a New Orleans grocery store, the pastry department is protesting the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in a delicious way.

Related--"Drill, Baby, Drill" cake apology: The director of the Minerals Management Service recently had a meeting and brought a cake (great way to increase attendance). The cake, which is not pictured in this article, said "Drill, Baby, Drill." 10 points off for untimeliness. He had to apologize.

Tom Sietsema of the Washington Post tries the KFC Double Down. Needless to say, he's not a fan. Note: the video begins to load and play automatically.

Bon Appetit recently compiled a list of top 10 recipes that are good for the munchies. They look delicious, if a bit too complex for an, er, addled mind to really process.

Hamburger Heaven is a "taxonomy of the different species of hamburger," including steakhouse burgers, store burgers and deep fried burgers. Enjoy the detailed photos, too.

Grub Street tackles the question of why we don't pay attention to women in the kitchen. This article has a few theories as to why, including lack of media attention and few women winning the prestigious James Beard awards. The lack of attention then hurts other female chefs who need investors to help jumpstart their dreams. It's almost cyclical. On a related note, Cliff Bostock explored this question back in March, but it deserves as much media attention as it can get.