Omnivore - Brunch at Cabbagetown Market & Grill

Try candied bacon ice cream over a waffle with maple syrup.

Check out brunch this weekend at the newly-reopened Cabbagetown Market and Grill. We visited last Sunday and tried both specials. The waffle with candied bacon ice cream and maple syrup (above) could have induced sugar-shock were it not for the contrast of some mildly spicy Riverview Farms sausage. The plate also held a poached egg and some tomato slices. It was all very inner-child.

I preferred the other special, a bowl of cold noodles with salad containing snow peas, edamame, bok choy and scallions, all topped with bulgogi beef and a poached egg. It was very adult.

We noted a steady stream of customers coming into the cafe for the new high-fashion  ice cream.  Current flavors are brown-sugar vanilla, Chocolitious, Pandan, coffee, strawberry-rhubarb sorbet, chai tea,  and Peppermint-Oreo. You can also grab a popsicle from the King of Pops.

Owner-chef Lisa Hanson told me she planned to begin preparing a lunchtime meat-and-three this week.

Check out the market's Facebook page for daily updates.

(Photos by Cliff Bostock)