Omnivore - Food links: Kevin Gillespie at Publix, Atlantans love to dine out, and fast food news

Food news from around the web, 5/27

Former Top Chef contestant Kevin Gillespie will give a cooking demo on Friday, May 28 at 7 p.m. at Publix in Alpharetta, for fans and foodies looking to mingle with Atlanta's own celebrity chef.

Shut Up Foodies links to a chart from Bundle.com that asks "Which city is the foodiest of them all?" by seeing where citizens spend the most on food. Interestingly, dining out accounts for 57% percent of Atlanta's total food and drink spending,  the highest in the U.S.

Though Besha tried Chick-Fil-A's Spicy Chicken Sandwich already, John Kessler tried it out at the fast food chain's headquarters and provides a brief, tantalizing mention of an upcoming Spicy Chicken breakfast biscuit!

Center for Science in the Public Interest has awarded the 2010 X-treme Eating Awards. The verdict? At Five Guys, a bare bacon cheeseburger clocks in at 920 calories, and who can enjoy their burger without 600-calorie regular-sized fries?

The Onion's AV Club taste tests new pretzel M&Ms, as well as chocolate-covered potato chips and ramen.

Not a day goes by without hearing about the KFC Double Down--today, Eater.com reports that vegan nutritionists are fighting to keep advertising for the sandwich away from schools, the same kind of restrictions put on tobacco advertising. Eater also references the calorie counts of some Starbucks beverages that put the Double Down to shame.

Serious Eats tests out the Zoku Quick-Pop Maker, the perfect gadget for tasty summer treats.

Chow.com answers a nagging question for the foodie plebians: what's the difference between a macaron and a macaroon? Especially important considering that macarons are the new cupcakes.