Omnivore - Weirdest cookbooks: cooking that'll get you laid, closer to Jesus or just disgusted

The most unusual cookbooks in the world.

I was given a copy of Cook to Bang: The lay cook's guide to getting laid by Spencer Walker. It made me wonder about some of the other bizarre cookbooks out there, so I searched around the series of tubes and found a few, including some that are NSFW and NSFM (not safe for mind). They can all be bought online if you're so inclined.

Start with the obvious, Cook to Bang. Imagine if Barney Stinson from "How I Met Your Mother" wrote a cookbook. "He's" already written a self-help book, after all. Some of the terminology borders on offensive, but there's actually a lot of helpful advice about cooking, pairing with booze, pairing foods, preparation and presentation in here (and a guide to different types of women and men that is, again, somewhat politically incorrect).

Booty Food kind of follows the same "food and sex are related" idea as Cook to Bang, with recipes following the typical timeline of a relationship. Apparently, though, all the recipes are serious, and the samples sound seriously good.

What Would Jesus Eat Cookbook: Loaves, fishes and lots of wine? Nope, try a healthy Mediterranean diet high on grains, fish, olive oil and fresh fruits and veggies. I wonder if the author is ever asked if he's related to another Colbert...

Last Dinner on the Titanic, for everyone who wants to party like it's 1912 and they're about to hit the big iceberg. Maybe a little morbid. Make sure to rearrange the deck chairs!

Ruby Anne's Down Home Trailer Park Cookbook: Tongue-in-cheek, I presume, but oddly enough some of it sounds good in a "I'm not even trying to eat healthy today" way. (Chili con queso tastes better with "government cheese" and there's a recipe for Jell-O salad featuring Dr. Pepper.)

The Testicles Cookbook: Cooking with Balls. (NSFW, NSFM) Pretty self-explanatory. Available as a free e-book. Try Testicle Pizza, Testicle Goulash and White Wine Testicles. Or don't.