Omnivore - Your eyes water, your sinuses drain, your tongue tingles

It's the extra-spicy super-crunch roll from Sushinobo in Smyrna.

How's about an extra-spicy super-crunch roll? This sinus-clearing roll (above) was a special at Sushinobo in Smyrna this weekend.

The sesame-studded rice wrapped a filling of fried shrimp, avocado, cucumbers, Japanese mayo and eel sauce topped with jalapeno slices crowned with Sriracha sauce. Your sinuses will drain. Your eyes will water. Your tongue will tingle.

The restaurant has been opened by the owners of Marietta's  popular Mt. Fuji Japanese Restaurant that closed recently after 20 years of operation.

We ate plenty off the lengthy menu, like lovely, earthy eggplant yakitori (above); kushi age (panko fried vegetables); a volcano roll filled with spicy tuna, yellowtail and a slightly piquant sauce — all topped with crab in a tomato sauce (left).  We also ordered musu-musu chicken, magic mushrooms, creme brulee over adzuki beans and green tea ice cream.

We surprised ourselves by not ordering a single piece of sashimi or nigiri sushi, but had a delightful meal, anyway.

Sushinobo will be featured in this week's "Grazing" column.

(Photos by Cliff Bostock)