Omnivore - 'The Next Food Network Star' season 6 begins

A new season of The Next Food Network Star begins. Check out what happened and learn more about the two Atlanta finalists.

The sixth season of "The Next Food Network Star" began last night at 9 p.m. on Food Network. This season, the chefs began their journey in Hollywood, and the twelve finalists include two contestants from Atlanta. Episode summary below, paying special attention to what the Atlanta contestants did. Spoiler alert: Don't read on if you don't wanna know.

Atlanta-area finalist Brianna Jenkins (right) is a 30-year-old chef and catering company owner. She originally studied food journalism at Georgia Perimeter College but changed to the preparation side of things and graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Cuisine Française in Paris. She also teaches cooking classes in her spare time. Her favorite restaurant is Pura Vida and she has rather varied tastes in food, books and TV shows. Check out her full profile for more, including her unusual answer to the question of which three famous people she would invite over for a dinner party.

Last night, Brianna first had to prepare a meal that represented herself, using chicken and potatoes as a base. She made Sticky Figgy Chicken on skewers, which doesn't sound half-bad but didn't win the challenge; Aria Kagan's stuffed chicken in curry sauce did. Actually, it shared that distinction with Herb's dish. More on that later.

Then Brianna wrote a script and filmed a 30-second promo for her pretend Food Network show, which I found kind of cheesy, because she was all "Hi, I'm Party Girl!" and even raised the roof at one point. It was a cute concept, talking about South American food and how food can be a party, but she needed to tone it down a bit. (The judges agree.) She also had to prepare a meal for the judges, including Wolfgang Puck and Bobby Flay, along with a team. Her course was a mouthful: Spiced Seared Scallops with Potato-Pear Pancake and Champagne Beurre Blanc.

Her team included Dzintra, who was mostly out of commission because she had a scratched cornea and had to go to the ER. Brianna seemed unconvinced that this was a good reason to interrupt competition and at one point said she wouldn't go to the hospital unless something extreme happened, like her arm falling off. OK then. When Dzintra was declared safe for now, the camera made sure to capture a shot of Brianna rolling her eyes in disgust. And so, drama is created.