Omnivore - Monday food links

A visit to the food linkfarm yields a bumper crop: famous chefs making deals with NBA stars, Twitter attractions, new restaurant openings, weird donut flavors and another big city having issues with food trucks.

I've got a delicious summer crop of food-related articles! Everything from the question of foodie bloggers to unusual Dunkin' Donuts flavors, street food to LeBron James, it's all here.

Chefs pick their favorite food books: because even the pros like to read up on the profession. The favorites here run the gamut--books about Paris in the '60s, Southern food and how people ate in the past, for example.

Ferran and Albert Adria of elBulli fame will open a new restaurant in Barcelona since elBulli is going on hiatus in 2012. This proposed restaurant will be more low-key and chill than elBulli was. Better go book Delta tickets to Barcelona now... (Article includes a long interview with the Adria brothers, but it's in Catalan. If you speak it, enjoy!)

Are food bloggers helpful or disruptive? This debate is happening even here at Omnivore, like in this post. It's amusing to read about the three bloggers talk shop, like how to photograph food clearly in dimly-lit restaurants.