Omnivore - Revenge is a dish best served on the phone

Ever wanted to take revenge on restaurants that done you wrong? Here's one Atlantan's problem:


  1. I was in high school, and needed a job. I applied at a local restaurant called “Atlanta Bread Company.” The manager at this particular restaurant was a complete bitch. I could go on forever about how she made me wait for an hour only to talk to me like a child, but… just trust me. This whore needed to be slapped. I did not slap her, though. Nay, I simply walked out peacefully and held a grudge for 5 years. Not a day goes by since then that I don't drive by said restaurant and get a bitter feeling in my stomach.


  1. Yesterday, I went to a Burger King. I’m not a huge BK fan, and this day reminded me why. The service was slow, the food was disgusting, and the cashier (who was clearly the product of a brother/sister marriage) was as much of a bitch as the bread lady.

That's the setup. You have to read the entire (funny) post here, in order to understand how the writer plotted simultaneous revenge on both restaurants...if you can call the recording below revenge.

Got that? This person must have an easygoing disposition to find this adequate vengeance for five years of bitterness and a really bad burger.

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