Omnivore - Wanna ride to Buckhead?

Ride through the night to an upscale, Buckhead restaurant in a Mercedes Benz provided by BRCS.

Who hasn't felt the urge to be picked up in a Mercedes Benz, taken to an upscale restaurant of your choice, have appetizers and drinks pre-ordered and arranged at your table upon arrival, and all the while assured the trusty Benz will retrieve your drunk ass at the end of the night? Sounds like a Cinderella story with a DD, no?

The Buckhead Restaurant Chauffeur Service (BRCS) brings the fairytale to life; large, in charge, and luxurious, right outside your front door for $75 Tues.-Sun., round-trip. No glass slippers required, unless that's your thing. And with BRCS, there's no midnight curfew (ahem, 2 a.m., actually) and your car won't de-Benz into a gourd, guaranteed.

BRCS has already formed partnerships with the Here to Serve Restaurant Group, owned by Tom Catherall, and Mercedes Benz of Buckhead.

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(Photo from Wikimedia Commons)