Omnivore - Tom Maicon avoids suicide

Atlanta Cuisine's Tom Maicon files the first report from the breakthrough Yasu Japanese Bistro

I mentioned the opening of the new Yasu Japanese Bistro a few days ago. Tom Maicon of Atlanta Cuisine has already run out to Suwanee to devour some blowfish.

He survived and reports:

Forget Flip.

Craft?  ...who cares about another big-name chain?

Yasu Japanese Bistro is going to be all the hype over the next few months.

I lunched here today and had some of the best and most interesting Japanese food I've ever eaten in Atlanta.  We ate torafugu (tiger blowfish), the most deadly of all blowfish.  Yes, they really do serve blowfish.  The poisonous fish itself is broken down (the liver and ovaries removed) in Japan and shipped to the states where only 12 restaurants in the entire country are certified to serve it, Yasu being one of them.

The blowfish is served a number of different ways.

1. The skin served in a seaweed salad, which was very nice.  Sort of chewy.

2. As soup or shabu shabu, served with certified grade A5 kobe, mushrooms and cabbage. This probably has the highest toxicity level.

3. Sashimi, which really got the tingles in the tongue going.  The texture is buttery, a little like hamachi at first, but then finishes with a firmer bite.  It really can't be compared to anything else ...it truly is a magnificent fish.

Read the rest of his post and discussion about the breakthrough restaurant here.

In an email, Tom wondered if I will dare to travel beyond the Perimeter to try the restaurant. Oh, snap.