Omnivore - Bride and prejudice on 'Top Chef'

Wednesday night's show proved more about the boundlessness of these chefs' failures than the extent to which they can impress.

OK, my crush on Gene is officially over. Cute neck tattoos aside, surf and turf sushi???? REALLY?

It's sad, because now I have no one to cheer for. Some of the chefs are OK, but at this point, do we really have a sense for how any of them cook? Some are upscale, some have ethnic influence, some want to impress with their cheer leading for the decency of "simple" - but is there anything here we haven't seen before? Or that's even slightly exciting? There hasn't been one dish served this season that's made me say - wow, I'd really like to try that.

The failures are certainly outweighing the successes thus far in terms of memorability.