Omnivore - Changes in the CL Food & Drink section

We were sad to see Kitchen Witch depart on her broom last week. The writer, Kim O'Donnel, has left us to devote more time to her new blog on RealSimple.com. You can check out her blog here.

We decided to take the opportunity to switch up the section a little, and in tomorrow's paper you will see a couple of new features.

Cheap Eats will now share a page with Mouthful, a roundup of places to find a particular food around town. Those of you who have been reading the section for a while may remember this feature from a few years back. We'll also be debuting a short bar review titled Liquid Diet. We hope to give you a feel for some of the hot new bars and old favorites around town.

I'm also extremely excited to announce that Jennifer Zyman, aka the Blissful Glutton, will be contributing frequently to the section starting in tomorrow's issue. Jennifer has a wealth of knowledge regarding Atlanta's dining scene, its ethnic food in particular, and we are incredibly happy to have her as a contributer. Check out her Cheap Eats tomorrow about Supermarket Chicago on Buford Highway and her Mouthful on NY-style pizza.

I'd love to hear your feedback on the new features, suggestions for places to cover, or comments about anything in the Food & Drink section. Please feel free to email me at besha.rodell at creativeloafing.com.

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