Omnivore - Bar Review: Flip Flops

A beach-themed bar in Midtown from a reality TV star.

FRATERNAL FUN: “Real World” fans should remember Ace Amerson from the Paris season. The cast member was always throwing parties for his flatmates, which was fitting since he owned a bar back home in Statesboro, Georgia. Amerson recently moved to Atlanta, and (with the help of some buddies) opened Flip Flops in Midtown. The turquoise house contains a dizzying hodgepodge of colorful island decorations including bamboo walls, palm trees and fake grass. The upper deck opens later in the evening with a DJ for dancing, and the guys are working on a menu of classic bar food.

IN A DAIQUIRI DAZE: Don’t come here expecting high-falutin’ cocktails. You're at the beach, remember? The centerpiece of the bar is a row of neon daiquiri and margarita machines spinning everything from your basic margarita to a concoction made with sweet tea vodka. If a brain-freeze is unappealing, a Patron margarita on the rocks only sets you back $6 and there is plenty of Kentucky Gentleman Bourbon.

SOUTHERN GENTS: The bartenders may seem like your average dudes slinging shots, but don’t be deceived. They're easy on the eyes and have the uncanny knack of inserting themselves into your conversation at just the right moment. It's easy to throw the hangout into the “aging frat boy” category, but the place actually has heart. Their mascot, an insanely adorable Golden Retriever, is a nice touch too.

Flip Flops, 1140 Crescent Avenue. 678-705-8555. Wed.-Fri., 5p.m.-2a.m.; Sat., 11a.m.-3a.m. www.myspace.com/flipflopsatl.

(Photo courtesy Flip Flops)

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