Omnivore - Christmas dinner on Buford Highway

We took Wayne's mom to Christmas dinner at Chateau de Saigon last night.

We took Wayne's mom to Christmas dinner at Chateau de Saigon (4300 Buford Hwy., 404-929-0034) last night. I reviewed the restaurant a few months back and it was positively reviewed by Meridith Ford Goldman of the AJC recently.

The restaurant was doing a brisk business, with a large number of people apparently deciding against turkey in favor of banh trang cuon, the work-intensive dish that requires diners to make their own rice-paper wraps with a selection of ingredients. Wayne's mom and I demurred on the ordeal, but he ordered the version that includes lemongrass-flavored beef wrapped in wild betal leaves.

We started with the apple-green mango salad with grilled shrimp and roated peanuts (above), probably my favorite dish of the evening, and some fried shrimp with a lividly colored but better-than-average sweet sauce. I settled for a traditional bun dish with roasted pork, shrimp and tofu over vermicelli. Wayne's mom ordered the delicious shaken beef.

If you haven't made it here yet, visiting belongs on your list of New Year's culinary resolutions. Speaking of New Year's, Chateau de Saigon now has a beer and wine license.

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