Omnivore - Guess who's consulting at the Bureau

Chris Lopez, one of the owners of The Bureau (327 Edgewood Ave., 678-732-0067), writes to say that Chef Jay Clark has left the restaurant:

We have decided to go in another direction. Mainly, the menu was a little too  high in price for guests (and for us).  So we are now working with one of Atlanta's favorite chefs - drum roll - Shaun Doty!  Shaun will be staffing our kitchen and creating the new menu. We have done some renovations in the kitchen to prepare for Shaun and  the new menu with start on January 15.

The second big news I have: we are doing a Bureau Bailout Brunch every Sunday.  The buffet is only 25 cents,  with Bloody Marys and Mimosas for $3.75.  It starts at 12:30 p.m. every Sunday during the month of January.

I hope Doty's participation helps the spot. The popular chef-owner of Shaun's also consulted on the Originial El Taco, which Besha reviewed this week. She raises some questions about Doty's work there. Personally, I liked Jay Clark's food; he actually worked under Doty at the defunct Midcity Cuisine. But I do understand the need for a more affordable menu.

I think every restaurant in town should charge only 25 cents for brunch, don't you?

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