Omnivore - More on the Standard murder

WGLC-TV has posted this photograph of John Henderson, the 27-year-old employee of the Standard who was murdered early this morning, on its website. (The Channel 46 site also includes video about the murder.)

Although I'm a regular at the restaurant, I couldn't place the victim's name and face — probably because I didn't want to believe it was someone I knew.  I'm sickened to see that he was one of our regular servers, a very funny and personable kid, with a slightly edgy manner about him.

I cannot imagine what kind of person would kill someone so brutally — firing a gun at him four times — after he'd already been given the money he was after. It is especially vile to see someone so young murdered.

A memorial fund has been established, according to Channel 46:

Donations may be made in two ways to the John Henderson Memorial Fund. You can donate online at www.grantpark.org and follow the link to make a donation via credit card or by mail to the Grant Park Neighborhood Association, P.O. Box 89235, Atlanta, GA 30312 to make a donation via check.

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