Omnivore - Carmen Capello explains Lamplighter closing

Chef-owner Carmen Cappello has posted a comment on an earlier post here about the closing of Lamplighter in Grant Park. We are missing the restaurant! Here's the comment, which was originally posted on Atlanta Cuisine:

It seems that I need to address what has been going on with the Lamplighter since there seem to be so many stories out there — shout to Cliff for putting up the picture that was on my door — I put it up and I believe it was the right thing to do --

We had closed Lamplighter for the Christmas holiday from December 22nd until December 27th — I was going on holiday to meet up with my family in Tampa --

I returned on the 26th early and headed to the restaurant to get the restaurant ready for Saturday service — as I pulled up to the Lamp — I saw one of the doors was open and i said "OH SHIT" — went to the door and low and behold we had been robbed — they took everything from the Flat Screen TV to the POS to the cash drawer and everything else in between --

The reason I put that sign on the door was because it was because of the ASSHOLES that robbed us that we would be able to open back up immediately — as you all know who read and write on this blog that the restaurant industry is tight right now and that includes the little people like me too — I did not have enough capital to get the doors open from what was taken — so yes the Lamplighter has been closed indefinitely — so to answer some questions of others:

1. I didn't set up the robbery of my own place --

2. We do have insurance and I am learning that it is a lengthy process --

3. This is not a PUBLICITY stunt! We were robbed and it offends me that people would even entertain that idea --

As for SHAME Burgers — it will reopen in the space of Lamplighter sometime in the near future — IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE INSURANCE....

Please look on www.shameburgers.com and on facebook if you are a member under the SHAME groups page --

I apologize in advance if this rubs people the wrong way — I am tired of people speaking and making accusations about this issue when they no  nothing about what is going on with MY TEAM's restaurant --

Thank you for understanding!

Chef Carmen

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