Omnivore - Dish of the week

Chef Bruce Logue of La Pietra Cucina garnishes agnolotti with truffles

This dish at La Pietra Cucina  is the best thing I've eaten in a few weeks — and that includes meals at Craft and Market.

It's agnolotti, a ravioli-like pasta stuffed with house-made sausage, submerged in a mild broth with bits of winter chestnuts and garnished with sliced truffles.

Chef Bruce Logue offered the dish as a special on Friday.

It's perfect in just about every way. Texturally, it ranges from juicy, melt-in-your mouth, to crisp. Flavors were mainly earthy, from the sharp sausage, to the musky truffles. But they were interrupted here and there with an explosion of sweetness in the chestnuts.

Do not fail to order this if you find it on the menu!