Omnivore - Repast turns three

Still among the best restaurants in the city

Repast is now three-years-old, so Wayne and I paid our annual visit Saturday night. It's a special occasion for me, because it was the first restaurant where I ate three years ago after spending two weeks in the hospital following knee surgery on Superbowl Sunday. (Never mind that they botched the surgery.)

Our meal was flat-out spectacular and the restaurant remains among the city's best. After weeks of eating overrated meals at gourmet chain restaurants, it was refreshing to enjoy the cooking of Chef-owners Joseph Truex and Mihoko Obunai. Their dishes all feature unexpected twists and turns that are never schlocky. Even the macrobiotic bowl — not my favorite kind of cooking — was superb.

We ordered the taste of four desserts (above) by Noriyuki "TJ" Tajima, pastry chef. Don't miss it. You may also want to consider the restaurant's special Valentine's Day menu.

More on Repast in my next Grazing column.

Oh, Wayne is almost done (really, he is) with his doctoral dissertation, which he is carrying to restaurants like a small pet. I thought I'd give y'all a preview of it. Doesn't it look like a page turner?