Omnivore - Domino’s Pizza and Burger King outrage everyone

Domino’s workers arrested, Burger King cancels marketing campaign

I’m sick as a dog with either the worst cold I’ve had in years or the flu, following nearly two weeks of horrible allergies. So I’m barely eating. I just browse the Internet between naps.

This week’s Viral Video Chart is of course topped by Susan Boyle’s performance on Britain’s Got Talent. But this video from some workers at Domino’s also made the top 20 list:

Police have charged the two Conover, N.C., employees with distributing prohibited foods. Domino’s claims it was all a prank and the food was never delivered. Sure, sure.

Fox News has the story covered in detail, and provides links to a couple more videos.

This video from Burger King, a strange commercial, also went viral during the last week:

The Texican’s marketing in Spain caused the Mexican ambassador to write an outraged letter to Burger King, which has in turned killed the ad and other marketing materials. It’s all about inappropriate display of the Mexican flag. Yahoo has the story.

Another recent Burger King vid has the morality police up in arms too. This time the complaint is about (the formerly gay) SpongeBob SquarePants’ eroticizing of the booty: