Omnivore - Peace out and destroy the frittata

Lunch at Star Provisions

I lunched at Star Provisions today with my friend, Chris. He ordered the frittata (above), which I'd never tasted before. I'm getting it next time I lunch there. It's full of creamy chevre bound by fluffy eggs and is so comforting it prompted Chris to give the peace sign, just looking at it.

As you can see (at right, in the background), he devoured it before I even got a first bite of my shrimp po' boy, my usual favorite here. Of course, he also ordered a baguette filled with butter and prosciutto. And a cupcake. I followed my sandwich with a concha, a Mexican pastry I'd not seen there before.

Star recently added two large tables indoors. But the outdoor seating in the back is the best.

As we were waiting to place our order I asked Chris what he was doing for his mom on Mother's Day.

"I don't know," he said, explaining that his father usually makes the plans.

"All I can do is spend the day feeling guilty about all the times I didn't do anything for my mother," I said.

"Oh, there's no use in feeling guilty," the girl at the register said, "send her a card. You can do that."

"No, I really can't," I said. "She's quite dead. You think when your mother is dead, the guilt will be gone too, but it's forever."

"Oh, well, um, uh...Will there be anything else?"

Honestly, they employ the nicest people at Star Provisions. And your mother would love anything you gave her from here.