Omnivore - Mmmmm K

it's a culinary mystery

Let's say you're a Georgia Tech student and you're hungry. You're walking along 10th Street and this sign catches your eye. Wing? Why singular instead of plural? Why do you care? You can't help it, you're a geek.

You cross the street and notice the restaurant is named Skewerz Pizza K (543 10th St.) Huh? Why so many z's? What's the K stand for? The place is bordering on untidy, has just a few tables and a very loud TV. But the man behind the counter is smiling and  friendly. You wonder if his ceaseless smiling has anything to do with the two hookahs on the counter.

You gaze up at the blackboard menu. It's all Indian food and includes a few pizzas, one made with lamb and the other with tandoori chicken. There are also kabobs and other familiar Indian dishes. But you decide to order the tandoori chicken pizza.

You sit at a table and look around. A man in a turban comes in. He is speaking an unfamiliar language on his cell phone. The counter man hands him a few bags and he leaves.

Then the man signals for you to come get your dinner. He hands you the pizza in a to-go box. You say: "I'm going to eat here."

He says, "That's fine. Here's a napkin. Do you want a plate or anything?"

You say, "Yes, please." He hands you a little styrofoam plate. You hate styrofoam. It is not "green." He's still smiling.

You take the pizza to the table. You set it in a chair and open the box. The tandoori chicken is so minced, it's hardly recognizable but for its bright red color. At least the pie has some onions and jalapenos. You eat a few slices. It tastes completely generic. You take the rest home and give it to your roommate who asks if you bought it at Kroger. That reminds you: You still don't know what the K in the restaurant's name stands for.