Omnivore - Do you like Gastronomica or Meatpaper most?

San Francisco Weekly names the coolest food mags

The "SFoodie" blog of the San Francisco Weekly has identified "the 10 coolest specialty food and drink magazines." I've seen at least one issue of most of these and my favorites are the same as writer Tamara Palmer's — Gastronomica and Meat Paper, although I like the former better than the latter:

2. Gastronomica

Published by UC Berkeley Press, Gastronomica is the leading American publication for intellectual musings on food, yet it's rarely eggheady enough to alienate the enthusiastic general reader.

1. Meatpaper

Another broad subject given the artistic treatment, Meatpaper is a journal of fabulous flesh. The mag also does a good job reaching out to readers through its wonderful Meat & Greet parties, always packed to the gills with hungry piggies.

Meanwhile, as Tamara reports, Gourmet and Bon Appétit teeter on the verge of extinction.