Omnivore - Men's Journal features Lotta Frutta, bacon and wild boar

There's nothing manlier than cooking

I happened to browse through the June issue of Men's Journal at the barbershop today and noticed an article about the 30 best neighborhoods in America. Writer Jonathan Lerner penned the Atlanta entry and bestowed the award on the Old Fourth Ward. The article featured a photo of Lotta Frutta, the kinky little cafe at 590 Auburn Ave.

The article isn't online yet, but I did find a couple of other manly foodie items. There's a brief piece on Chef David Conn's version of the "Bacon Explosion" at New York's Channel 4 pub. He serves slices of the artery-clogger on slider buns. Perhaps Lance Gummere of the Shed on Glenwood could adopt the recipe for his Wednesday night menu of various sliders for $3 each.

The magazine's May issue featured a piece about hunting and cooking wild boar in South Carolina. Author Manny Howard opens with a scene that would titillate Michael Vick:

“Manny, if this is gonna happen, it’s gonna have to happen very soon,” Allan Boyd, our guide, calls from the opposite bank of a five-foot-wide canal, where the water is so black there’s no telling how deep it is. With both hands he’s gripping the left hind leg of a 200-pound Russian boar sow. Cornered between two cypress, the pig hammers back at the four hunting dogs attacking it. One of them has locked onto its snout. With a vigorous, elliptical sweep of its broad neck and shoulders the sow swings the dog high above its head and slams it savagely onto the cypress roots on the swamp floor. The dog doesn’t loosen its grip. This happens four more times, even as the three other dogs tear at the boar’s face and ears. Now Boyd is annoyed: “Manny, these dogs are getting hurt. They’ve been up on her too long.”