Omnivore - 11 Alive reports grim scene behind a restaurant

Ming's BBQ attracts health department scrutiny

This post by Jennifer Leslie on 11Alive.com, qualifies, at least superficially, as the most disturbing local restaurant story I've come across in a while — and if you've got a weak stomach I don't recommend you click the link. The story's opening:

DORAVILLE, Ga. — A local restaurant with a loyal following and rave reviews is under the microscope.

Doraville Police took pictures a few months ago of a skinned cat and raw meat stacked in the back of Ming's BBQ on Buford Highway.

The pictures, taken on January 23, forced Ming's to make big changes.

They showed grease traps overflowing, pigs stacked in buckets, boxes of raw meat sitting outside and pieces of raw meat hanging from a fence.

"One of the employees was taking, we don't know what kind of meat it was, but he was tossing it over a fence, and we did get pictures of that," said Officer Rosemary Martin.

The numerous comments at the end of the article are quite interesting, with many accusing the media of sensationalizing the story, particularly in implying that the restaurant had butchered a cat. There are quite a few posts also (understandably) alleging ethnic stereotyping. (Hat tip to our commenter FoodieMan.)