Omnivore - Put some mashed potatoes on that sandwich

Tiny Bistro offers great lunchtime sandwiches on Marietta Street

I'm stalking Jennifer Zyman and lunched today at Tiny Bistro (which, I swear, I did not notice she reviewed earlier this week). The bistro is a relatively new operation of Figs and Honey Catering.

I second Jennifer's comments about the meatloaf and mashed potato sandwich with bacon and cheddar (above). I was prepared to be disgusted but swallowed it whole.

My friend Michael ordered the Cuban sandwich flavored with some guava. I also ordered some pasta salad. I've never liked pasta salad anywhere and I'm afraid Tiny Bistro didn't change my mind. The tasteless black olives — not kalamatas — didn't help.

On the other hand, a dark, fudgy, chocolate-iced brownie would make a great facial mask or pillow.

Michael and I both bought jars of local honey the shop sells. I'll report later.

(Photos by Cliff Bostock)