Review: Eros World Tapas Bar

Guilty pleasure fills the former Piebar location

Meet Eros: primordial Greek god of lust, beauty, love and intercourse; fertility deity, son of Aphrodite; and Atlanta tapas bar. Just in case you missed the connotations of the name, type "Eros Atlanta" into Google. First, you'll get the restaurant. Second, you'll get a guide to Atlanta escort services.

In tapas bar form, Eros exists in the old Piebar location, that space-age structure built in 1962 for Trust Co. Bank. The building now sports as its main interior design elements large black-and-white photos of the nether regions of naked women (curiously sporting thong tan lines), and phallic-shaped colored lights languidly pointing toward those nether regions. Get it? God of intercourse? Helloooo?

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(Photo by James Camp)