Omnivore - Is that all?: Livingston let-down

An annoying lunch at Livingston


I went back to the new Livingston at the Georgian Terrace Hotel for lunch today with my friends Frank and Michael. Frank wanted to try the "three-martini lunch." It's actually three small plates — your choice — served in martini glasses — except they weren't today. They were served in short glasses.

Michael ordered the pea soup and the salmon BLT, both good, and I ordered the entree described as Georgia white shrimp with ham hocks, fava beans and pickled Vidalia onions. Call me greedy, but for $16, I was expecting more than five medium-sized shrimp atop a ribbon of (what I took to be) pureed beans, some shredded meat and a few onions. The dish was quite delicious, but, way too skimpy for the cost. (I forgot my camera, so I can't provide the shocking evidence.)

And, I'm sorry to say, there's more to complain about. We were asked if we wanted sparkling or still water. We chose the latter, expecting tap water, but when the bill came, we found that we'd been charged $12 for two bottles of designer water. How very Guenter Seeger! Come on, people. Do not bring bottled water to the table unless it's specifically requested.

UPDATE: Chloe Morris has the shocking photo evidence of the itty bitty shrimp dish I ordered on her blog, Chow Down Atlanta. Generally, her lunch didn't measure up to my earlier ones.