Omnivore - Monday-night pig-out deals

Your choice: pizza, barbecue or mussels

Tonight, beginning at 10 p.m., is piggy pie night at Varasano's. For $12.95, you get a slice of every pizza on the restaurant's menu. Your entire table must participate and — here's the worst part — the offer is only good for the first 20 people who get there. I'm sure you won't mind camping at the front door for a few hours with your iPod.

By the way, I notice that Tom Maicon of Atlanta Cuisine is troubled by the inconsistency he finds at the vaunted pizzeria. The very mixed reviews of the restaurant themselves bear witness to the inconsistency.

Tonight is also P'cheen's "Bone Lick BBQ" night. And $15 buys you all the mussels you can eat at the Peasant Bistro.