Omnivore - The Cheesecake Factory receives a Zagat nod and a calorie citation

The nchain is the winner on two national lists this month.

The Cheesecake Factory has shown up on two interesting lists this month: the 2009 Zagat Fast-Food Survey and the Center for Science in the Public Interest's 2009 Xtreme Eating Awards.

The Zagat reader feedback survey gives Cheesecake Factory the top spot in five out of 11 categories under the "Full-Service Chains" section (a sweep of almost 50 percent!). The restaurant wins in Best Salads, Best Coffee, Best Appetizers, Best Desserts, and Best Value.

Cheesecake Factory also takes it home in three out of nine categories in the Xtreme Eating Awards, but this recognition is of a different sort. The CSPI is on the lookout for the most fattening, most caloric meals available. The Chesecake Factory wins for its over three day's of recommended saturated fat in their Fried Macaroni and Cheese, for the 2,500 calories in their Chicken and Biscuits, and for the three day supply of sodium in the Philly Style Charbroiled Flat Iron Steak with fries.

The Cheesecake Factory has four locations in Atlanta.

(Photo by TriviaKing via Wikimedia Commons)