Omnivore - Here and there August 26 2010

A name change, newbies, coffee, ice cream

I stopped in the relatively new Chocolate Coffee at 1159 LaVista Rd., 404-327-6060) today. Actually, I have no idea if it's actually spelled Chocolate Coffee, ChocoLaté Coffee or Chocolatte Coffee. Literally all three spellings are used on the shop's website. (This is a local chain of three cafes.)

In any case, I skipped the numerous chocolate-and-coffee concotions and had a good espresso macchiato. Pastries looked better than average.

One sort-of complaint: The shop offers free Wi-Fi and in fact is an advocate of free wireless everywhere for everyone, according to its website. Why, then, are you limited to an hour of service at the shop and why do you have to enter a code to log on?  It took me some time to get my Itouch to work and the barista told me she had given up on getting her own Iphone to work there.

This isn't unique to Chocolate Coffee. It costs practically nothing for businesses to provide free Wi-Fi. Why the time limits, the codes and the log-on pages full of advertising?....

We ate at — you know where — the Shed on Glenwood Wednesday night, having  become totally addicted to the $3 sliders. Last night's delicious newbie was one of ratatouille topped with goat cheese. We also ordered this plate of onion rings. The damn things were as big as the sliders, tasted sweet and almost tempura-crispy.

The Shed began a Thursday-night special this week too — a plate of four fresh vegetables for $10. This week's choices were sunchokes, organic tomatoes, Swiss chard, arugula and sweet corn. I hope to get there next week....

We indulged our addiction to Spoon in East Atlanta Thursday night. The restaurant now has its pouring license, so you can dull the fiery curries by numbing your entire head with liquor.  As usual, I trotted across the parking lot to Morelli's for ice cream — one scoop of ginger-lavender and one of goat cheese swirled with figs.

Morelli's is featured in the current issue of the Porch Press, by the way. That's the monthly newspaper for Grant Park and East Atlanta Village. The article's not online — none of the paper is, incredibly — so you'll have to find a copy to read it. Writer Darin Glass reports that business has been crazy at the shop since Bon Appetit cited it as one of America's top 10 ice cream shops....

Name Change: Food 101 Morningside becomes Rosebud on July 6. This follows purchase of the restaurant by Executive Chef Ron Eyester, who has been with the restaurant as a co-owner and chef since it opened. So, there won't be any significant changes in the menu.  A PR release explains the new name:

So, why Rosebud?  Well, as any “regular” will tell you, Chef Eyester’s second love (aside from food) is music.  An avid fan of bands such as The Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic, and The Allman Brothers, Eyester has built a reputation for offering unique music tribute dinners throughout the year.  Fittingly, Rosebud is the name of one of Jerry Garcia’s custom made guitars.

Newbies on my list: RA Sushi, Evos, Nonna Mia, Midtown Mediterranean Diner, Teela Taqueria, Nectar, Noon Midtown and Bistro in a Box. I also hear stuff's happening at Saba. Any reports on any of these?

(Photos by Cliff Bostock)

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