Omnivore - New at 10th and Peachtree

Midtown Mediterranean Diner is open 24/7.

We dined recently at Midtown Mediterranean Diner(404-228-7401), which has taken over the space at 112 10th St., long occupied by Jocks N Jills.

The new diner is open 24 hours and serves breakfast around the clock. The rest of the menu is devoted to Middle Eastern dishes like these two (mediocre) skewers of lamb kabobs (the menu's most expensive dish at $16). A skewer of chicken kabobs was better and the babaganouj was quite good.

While the interior space seems bizarrely huge, the covered patio is very pleasant. It borders the tiny bit of parkland at Peachtree and 10th streets but also offers a view of the big city and the parade of Midtown pedestrians.

(Photo by Cliff Bostock)